Mid Century Modern Furniture



Handpicked By Matt

The clean and distinct lines and organic forms of Mid-Century design has an important role in history. Furniture and  interiors were designed in such a way that the interior are inspired from the exterior. Color and materials are the most common and iconic features of this style. The color palette used in this style is what makes the furniture and the interiors iconic. It resembles a use of traditional materials, such as wood, and non-traditional materials such as metal, glass, vinyl, plywood, Plexiglas and Lucite. The usage of different materials also helped in creating designs that couldn’t be produced using the old traditional materials.

The materials mostly used were walnut wood, teak wood and plastic. The furniture and objects made out of plastic were both durable and were unique. Plastics gave the designers an opportunity to make products that weren’t possible using wood or tubular steel. The furniture pieces from this era were designed on the principle of “Form follows Function”. Whether it was a chair, a barstool or a lamp, all the products were simple, honest in nature and each and every component had a purpose or a function.