Instant Planner High Back Office Chair

The Instant Planner High Back Office Chair features a cool, stylish and modern design. This chair is constructed with high quality leather ribbed seating and the base and frame are made from sturdy chromed stainless steel. This chair also has full height and swivel adjustments and is perfect for any home or work office space. Available in Black, White, Tan, and Brown.

Additional Information


19″ (Length) x 28.5″ (Width) x 39.5-42″ (Height)

Seat Dimensions

19″ (Length) x 18″ (Width) x 19.5-22″ (Height)

Back of Seat Height

28″ (Height)

Armrest Dimensions

27.5-30″ (Height)

Base Dimensions

21.5”(Length) x 22”(Width)


Black, Brown, Tan, White